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Estd : 1996

Mandate: The general objective of the Asian Regional Working Group is to focus on common topics and issues and to enhance the transfer of appropriate technology in irrigation and drainage to and from the Asian Region. The mission of ASRWG is to encourage membership and to coordinate activities in the region.

Sl. No.
Name Country Membership
VPH Karim Shiati Iran (1997) Chair (2006)
Mr. Stephen Mills  Australia   
Representative from BANCID Bangladesh   
Mr. Wang Aiguo  China  
Dr. Gwo-Hsing Yu  Chinese Taipei   
Dr. Ray-Shyan, Wu Chinese Taipei  
Dr. Vijay Labhsetwar India  
Dr. Rajinder Kumar Gupta -Direct Member (WAPCOS)  India  
Dr. Mochammad Amron  Indonesia   
VP Naoki Hayashida  Japan  
Representative from KAZCID Kazakhstan   
Prof. (Ms.) Kyung Sook Choi  Korea, Rep. of  
Ms. Jeong Min, Ryu – Young Professional Korea, Rep. of  
Ir. Syed Abdul Hamid bin Syed Shuib Malaysia   
Dr. (Ms.) Mu Mu Than Myanmar  
Mr. Bashu Dev Lohanee  Nepal  
Mr. Ahmed Kamal Pakistan   
Representative from PNC-ICID Philippines   
Eng. W.B. Palugaswewa Sri Lanka   
Mr. Dilshod Kimsanov Tajikistan   
Mr. Arthon Suttigarn  Thailand  
Dr. Aynur Fayrap  Turkey   
Mr. Ilkhom Juraev Uzbekistan   
Dr. Dao Trong Tu Vietnam  

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Report of ICID Task Force for Least Developed Countries in Asia


The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) was established on 24 June, 1950 as a Scientific, Technical and Voluntary Not-for-profit Non-Governmental International Organization (NGO) with headquarters in New Delhi, India.

The Commission is dedicated to enhancing the worldwide supply of food and fibre for all people by improving water and land management and the productivity of irrigated and drained lands through appropriate management of water, environment and application of irrigation, drainage and flood management techniques. [For more information contact http://www.icid.org]


Report of ICID Task Force for Least Developed Countries in Asia 

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Report of ICID Task Force for Least Developed Countries in Asia (PDF-1.71 MB)


Gwangju, September 2014

  1. WT on “Contribution of agricultural water to the rural development” – Prof. Tai Cheol Kim (Korea)
  2. Food Security and Poverty Alleviation in The Millennium Development Goals: The Role of Muda Irrigation Project - Mukhlis Zainol Abidin (MADA)
  3. PAWEES 2014 International Conference, October 2014, Taiwan
  4. Irrigated agriculture and rural development : focusing on Theme 2.1 Water for food - Prof. Tai Cheol Kim and Dr. Sung-hee Lee (Republic of Korea)
  5. Application of Multi-purpose Rubber Dam with Small Hydro-power Generation System - Dr. Kwon, Hyung Joong and Prof. Kim, Sun Joo (Republic of Korea)
  6. An Example of the Modern Irrigation Projects and Systems in Turkey: The Yaylak Plain Irrigation Project - Dr. Aynur FAYRAP (Turkey)
  7. Rural Groundwater Monitoring Network - Byung Sun, Lee (Republic of Korea)


  1. 64th IEC Meeting and 8th Asian Regional Conference (ARC), October 2013, Mardin, Turkey
  2. Managing Climate Change Effect on Groundwater through Monitoring Groundwater, 
    People's Republic of China, Dr. Gao Zhanyi
  3. hinese Taipei Case Study - Paddy Fields Multi-Functionality for Sustainable Environment and Climate Change in Taiwan



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6th Asian Regional Conference, Yogyakarta, Indonesia7th Asian Regional Conference, 26-28 June 2012, Adelaide, Australia. Contact : SANE Events for Irrigation Australia Limited (IAL), (Incorporating IACID, Irrigation Australia's Committee on Irrigation & Drainage), Tel : +61 2 9553 4820, E-mail : IAL2012@saneevent.com.au Website : www.irrigation.org.au/2012

6th Asian Regional Conference, 10-16 October 2010, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Theme : Improvement of irrigation and Drainage efficiency under the small land holding condition. Contact : The Indonesian National Committee of International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (INACID), Ministry of Public Works, Directorate General of Water Resources, Main Building, 3rd Flood, Jalan Pattimura No. 20, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. Tel : +62 21 723-0317, +62 21 723-0318; Fax : +62 21 726-1956, E-mail :inacid_indonesia@yahoo.co.idinacid2010@gmail.comsecretariat@icid2010.org, Website :http://www.icid2010.org

5th Asian Regional Conference, 6-11 December 2009, New Delhi, India. Theme : Improvement in Efficiency of Irrigation Projects through Technology Upgradation and Better Operation and Maintenance. Contact: Member Secretary, Indian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (INCID), C/o Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBI&P), Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021, India. Tel: 91-11-2611 5984, 91-11-2611 1294, Fax: 91-11-2611 6347, E-mail : sunil@cbip.orgcbip@cbip.org, Website :http://www.incid2009delhi.org.

4th Asian Regional Conference, 2-5 May 2007, Tehran, Iran. Contact : Dr. S.A. Assadollahi, Secretary General, Iranian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (IRNCID), No. 24, Shahrsaz Lane, Kargozar St., Zafar Ave., Tehran. Iran. Tel : +98 21 2257348; Fax : +98 21 2272285; E-mail : IRNCID@neda.net.ir;irncid@gmail.com, Website : http://www.irncid.org/http://www.pim2007.org.

2nd Asian Regional Conference, Maoma, Echuca, Australia, 14-17 March 2004. Theme : Irrigation in the total catchment management. Contact: Mr. John Mapson, Secretary/Treasurer, Australian National Committee, ICID (ANCID), Manager Water Services, Goulburn-Murray Water, P.O. Box 165, Tutura Vic 3616, Tel : +61 3 5833 5515, Fax : +61 3 5833 5502, E-Mail : johnmap@g-mwater.com.au, Website :http://www.icid2004.com/

Asian Regional Workshop, The Grand Hotel, Taipei, 10-12 November 2003. Topic 1 : Management and operation of participatory irrigation organizations, Topic 2 : Sustainable water resources development. Contact : Prof. Yi-Chi tan, Secretary General of Chinese Taipei Committee, E-mail : yctan@ccms.ntu.edu.tw orkuosf@mail.leader.edu.tw (Dr. Kuo, Sheng-Geng), Website : http://www.water.tku.edu.tw/icid2003

1st Asian Regional Conference, 16-21 September 2001, Seoul, South Korea, 2001. Contact: Dr. Huh, Yoo-Man, Chairman, Korean National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (KCID), 1031-7 Sa-Dong, Ansan-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, 425-822, Republic of Korea. Tel : +82 31 400 1755; Fax : +82 31 406 7278; E-mail :kcid@karico.co.kr; www: http://www.icid2001seoul.or.kr/